From Our Clients:

"We so enjoyed meeting you, you made our trip very special. Your commentaries added so much insight to every place we visited."
-Kay J. St.Louis, MO

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Our Mission and Values Statement

Seven Directions | Cultural and Sustainable Tours provides educationally based tours beyond the ordinary and meticulously managed. All our journeys are careful in minimizing the impact on the environment and the cultural resources we showcase, and offer an ecotourism experience based on sensitivity and sustainability.

With a commitment to flexibility, Seven Directions| Cultural and Sustainable Tours pledges excellent customer service and thrives to fulfill the expectations of its customers by capturing their wishes and tour requirements.

We facilitate tours that create a truly unique and memorable experience that is affordable, unique, relaxing and profound in all respect.
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Who We Are and What We Offer Our Discriminating Guests

SEVEN DIRECTIONS LLC, based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is a creative travel enterprise offering niche market and custom tour itineraries.

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Since 2005 we have entertained and educated our guests by revealing the true splendor of the Four Corners region (aka the Colorado Plateau). Our motto speaks volumes about our touring philosophy: DON’T JUST SEE THE MAJESTIC SITES OF THE SOUTHWEST – COME EXPERIENCE THE LAND AND THE CULTURE THROUGH YOUR MIND AND HEART!

The singular name of the company traces its origins to the Native American culture. The Seven Directions connect humans to the world. The most important is the seventh that puts people in touch with their inner being.

Owned and managed by Patrizia Antonicelli, SEVEN DIRECTIONS specializes in informative and enjoyable excursions geared for those who have always wanted to see the Southwest beyond the ordinary travel experience. Our main focus features the Land of Enchantment, New Mexico. The variety of our tours is personalized in every detail and favors smaller tour groups (we also manage larger tours). SEVEN DIRECTIONS’ tours explore the most scenic icons of the Southwest. And we also visit exquisite landmarks well off the beaten path.

Hosted by educators and experts in their respective fields, our tours offer a rewarding educational and aesthetic experience. Guests can select from diverse tour options ranging from Archeology to Native American and Hispanic cultural awareness. Nature and Wildlife, Geology, Arco-Astronomy, Architecture and Contemporary Art, Photography, and Native Culture Cuisine round out our tourism menu. We can also create custom itineraries and engaging programs that address our guest’s personal requirements and interests while working within a specified budget and time frame.*

*Services include: carefully designed and personalized itineraries; experienced guides and escorts; talks and lectures by scholars and experts in their respective disciplines; private visits to museums, galleries and collections; full range of accommodations and transportation options; a wide selection of restaurants, private venues and homes for meals, cocktail parties and special events; staged events including cowboy cookouts, Native performances, musical recitals; meet&greet and airport pick-up and drop-off.

Our philosophy

Our guiding principles to make every vacation experience a success, for travelers and residents alike are:

  • Sustainability
  • Customization
  • Authentic, Creative and Learning Experiences (ACLE)
  • Focus on Special Interests
  • Employment of Experts and Educators
  • Interfacing with Local Heritage, Culture, and Communities
  • First-Class Service and Accountability

We are a sustainable tourism enterprise committed to making a low impact on the environment and the Native cultures we represent. We engender a positive learning experience with our guests that mandate each comes away from our tours with an enlightened view about the land and the people.

Our policies include teaching a Leave No Trace ethic, promoting recycling, energy and water conservation, avoiding using non-renewable resources, and creating economic opportunities for local communities. Thus, knowledge of the politics, culture, the economy of communities visited is the gateway to sustainability in all its facets. These environmentally and culturally conscious endorsements affecting our mission statement is what speaks for our innermost creed on this subject.

Traveling with us provides a more enjoyable experience for our guests through meaningful connections with local people and entails sharing the local pride and confidence with people in the community.

Those who come along on our tours are part of this same mission.

About the Owner

Seven Directions Tours | Patrizia AntonicelliPATRIZIA ANTONICELLI

With an intense passion for the Primitive Arts and Native American cultures, Patrizia has grown to know New Mexico and the American Southwest intimately over the past 20 years. She moved to Santa Fe in 2003. She left Torino, where she was born, after she majored in Political Sciences to move to Milan where she lived for most of her business life.

An entrepreneur in the field of international communications, she spent 5 years in London where she launched and owned an art gallery, which specialized in Native American and Folk art.
She speaks Italian, English and French.


Our Guides

Our highly qualified and knowledgeable tour guides are experts in a variety of subjects, which is important for understanding the spirit, structure and cultures of the regions they lead travelers through. They are all enthusiastic travel companions and engaging communicators.

From Our Clients

Without companies like SevenDirections, and the new Santa Fe Creative Journeys programs, which target key international markets, our industry would suffer greatly. Not only is her business important to us at Tourism, but Patrizia is a delight to work with, a great ambassador to the Land of Enchantment, and ardent supporter of our state. Her contribution cannot be measured and we wholeheartedly support her in her efforts to promote tourism in New Mexico.

- Jennifer Hobson, former Deputy Cabinet Secretary State of New Mexico Tourism Department


I wanted to thank you again for being so terrific and for being so flexible. Things worked out quite well, thanks in large part to your efforts and diligence.

-David G. Toronto, Canada 


Thank you so much for all of your help! David said it was the best birthday ever.. We loved Santa Fe and will be back .
- Jamie F. Austin, TX


Thank you for EVERYTHING you did to help me make the trip to Santa Fe so successful.  Not only did we have fun meeting each other and working together, but the event was not too big a project with each of us doing a part. 
- Anita G. Pasadena, CA


it’s been a wonderful vacation indeed, too bad it lasted so little.
- Giuse P. and Michela, Brescia Italy


So I am home at last, and I can not thank you enough!  We had  a truly amazing experience, and loved every minute of it!  Thank you!
- Rachel K. Ohio


We got back yesterday from our fantastic journey safe and sound...My girl friends thanked me for having taken the initiative to contact you, also those who were initially reluctant, therefore we all thank you for your invaluable suggestions you gave us; we will give your name for sure to those people who will want to come to New Mexico.
- Mimma C. Bologna Italy


Thanks Patrizia! I can see why you're the travel organizer of choice. You should have people beating down your door for the privilege of your taste, imagination and responsibility!
—Jack P. New Mexico

The Seven Directions Story

The name Seven Directions is derived from a concept that is fundamental to the Native American spiritual world. The logo, created by John Paul Rangel, a Native American designer, represents the essence of this concept.

“The six directions, the four cardinal points plus zenith (above) and nadir (below) permeate traditional Native American thinking and activities. Depending on the tribe or pueblo, the directions are associated with specific colors, corn, animals, birds, mountains, plants, trees, stones and spirits. In sprinkling meal, pollen, other offerings or smoking rituals with the sacred pipe and in ceremonies and ritual games the directions are observed.”*

The seventh direction represents the centre, the spirit or soul within. Every direction is to be honored in order to receive protection, guidance, healing and to draw sacred energies into one’s life and, by honoring the seventh direction, into the spirit within.

Designer’s Statement
This logo represents the concept of seven directions. It incorporates symbology that is derivative of Southwestern Native American culture. The logo has horizontal lines that are brush strokes to show the importance of making things and remembering the human experience of creating and fabricating, relevant to traditional arts and crafts, pottery, silversmithing, lapidary, textiles and basketry. The center has seven elements – four are positive and three are negative. These represent the seven directions and also reference Pueblo Indian pottery design. The positive shapes hold significance as they represent the land (mountains), the four cardinal directions, and the four aspects of the self (body, mind, soul, and spirit). The inverted shapes show that the four shapes connect to self, family and community as a whole as well as to the world above, below and within. The light and the dark colors remind us to look inward and move towards balance and harmony. --John Paul Rangel

Seven Directions

Seven Directions, LLC, is a Limited Liability Company organized and existing under the laws of the State of New Mexico.


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